Garden Shed

Performance:  Juli 2017, LATRAAC, Athen

GARDEN SHED was a site specific project developed over two weeks for the transition skate bowl space “Latraac“ in Athens. The title refers to the shed-like Latraac Cafe Pavilion with its surrounding garden but is also the name of an identity revealing (*) track from Tyler the Creator’s new album SCUM FUCK FLOWER BOY. Tyler the Creator, who was well known for his homophobic and misogynic hypermasculine lyrics, released a new album in June 2017 that suggested to be a queer coming out.
The project involved a 300x150 cm flag, spelling the word VULNERABILITY, with its letters hand-sewn on grey, light fabric and with an emphasis on the word ABILITY in it, a stack of A2 posters to take away, and a flag handling protocol skate performance to the track GARDEN SHED by Tyler the Creator.


Link to the Video

Performer: Demetrios Vasileiou
Concept: Elke Auer
Direction: Leonardo Raab
Production: Zachos Varfis